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Phone: 07863 062629
Before you send us an email check out if we can answer any of your questions below.
Q: Does this need screws and hinges to fix?
A: No, our covers are completely free standing just lift on and lift off. To use as splash back just stand on rear and tilt against the wall. Easy!

Q: What is the minimum distance I need at back of Hob to use the splash-back function?
A: As long as you have 25mm (2.5cm) you can use your Hobco second feature of a splash- back.

Q: Do you do any other colour?
A: No all our covers come in natural grain finish which we find compliments any style / colour kitchen.

Q: How do I purchase?
A: There are a number of ways you can buy,
1) Choose your size / type / range from the drop down menus Then click on the appropriate bn button and enter your paypal details.
2) If you have no paypal account, no need to worry still click the bnbutton. On the next page you will see an option on the left of the page to pay by credit card or bank account.

3) Send us a check. Contact us for details.

Q: What is standard corner rubber and what is full? Are there any benifits?

A: When you purchase a Hob cover, you have the choice to upgrade to full rubber. Not only changing it's look and feel with the contrast of silver and black but adding extra comfort and safety. particularly where elderly and young are involved.

Q: I'm not sure which cover is the size for me
A: Please check out our size guide on our dimensions/prices page for a full explanation of sizes for all our covers.

How soon can I get one?
A: If you order a standard cover we have these in stock, so normally it will be dispatched the next working day. (we do not dispatch on Friday - Saturday - Sunday). Normally delivery takes 1-2 days from date of dispatch